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CBD Oil London offers a wide range of CBD oils, tinctures, edibles and other forms of CBD. Every CBD product sold on our site has lab reports explaining the contents, and ensuring safe and compliant production. CBD usage is rising year on year and customers are starting to reap the benefits of this magical organic product. Every brand has a slightly different taste, viscosity and branding. It’s a case of finding what strength and application works best for your body. We stock 300mg to 10000mg full spectrum oils. These are the most expensive products as they contain the complete plant, and as per UK laws contain less than 0.2% THC. Whereas CBD Gummies will generally use an CBD isolate which works better for some people. You will find our entire collection, some of them award winning products, for sale within the shop menu above. Or simply click here to enter our online store.

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Do CBD products make me feel high?

No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and the trace amounts of THC found in our Full Spectrum oils is not enough to have any effect. CBD products are not the same presentation of cannabis that would be used for illicit or illegal drug use.

What are CBD products made of?

The CBD used in products such as CBD oils, e-liquids, creams, and drops is usually extracted from hemp plants and not medical cannabis. This is because of its higher CBD concentration and lower THC content.

Is it possible to overdose on CBD products, e.g. CBD oil?

No, CBD products do not put you at risk of overdosing, even if you ingest or apply more than advised / prescribed. CBD products bought from a reputable stockist ensure you only use high quality, organic ingredients. There are no additives used in our products that cause any risk to your health and well-being.

How do I choose the right dosage?

Dosing CBD correctly involves many different variables. We recommend taking 3 to 9 drops of the oil sublingually, (under the tongue) 3 times a day. However we encourage customers new to CBD start with a low dosage and increase it until you feel the desired relief. If you suffer from a more severe condition you should discuss it with your doctor or a doctor specialised in Cannabinoid treatments.

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