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CBD oil is a globally sought after and cost-effective treatment for chronic pain and inflammation.

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Thank you for choosing Cambridge Labs, the most prominent manufacturers of CBD oil in London famed for its production and supply of premium quality CBD products. All CBD products manufactured in our facilities are authentic and certified. We use state of the art technology and sophisticated machinery for the extraction process. Most of the people in the UK have now realized the vast potential of CBD like our ancestors. So they started utilizing this magical extraction for various therapeutic needs. Hence in this current era, we ensured a steady supply of CBD products such as oils, tinctures, edibles such as CBD oils, gummies, etc.


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Cambridge Labs is a distinguished establishment in the UK which ensures that a vast range of certified and reliable CBD products are supplied to customers such as oils, gummies, tinctures, vape oils, balms, creams, and many more.

What is CBD used for?

  • Promotes relaxation

    CBD oil helps users to induce the blissful molecule which is scientifically known as Anandamide. This blissful molecule is a key element in regulating mood. CBD oil intake leads to an increase in Anandamide which is extremely beneficial to people who work in high-stress environments.
  • Promotes mental health

    There is a global surge in mental health issues like never before such as post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and such related conditions. People suffering from these conditions have largely benefited in mitigating the severity of these conditions with the use of CBD oil.
  • Improves sleep

    Chronic sleeplessness can be literally brought down to a very minimal level by the use of CBD oil. The quality of the sleep can be greatly enhanced which leads to better mood, productivity and overall health.
  • Pain reliever

    American arthritis foundation has mentioned in its research that administering CBD sublingually, that is dripping a few drops under the tongue, has proven to be very efficient and effective in reducing the joint pain caused by arthritis. The dosage which has to be taken depends upon many factors and it is best to consult a doctor before usage.
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About CBD oil

CBD oil addresses an extensive range of ailments and gives therapeutic benefits to a large proportion of people around the world. This popularity is reflected in the current cannabidiol market size worth 2.8 billion dollars. This market is expected to jump exponentially in the coming years with the fitness community and wellness brands promoting them on a large scale.

A factual description about CBD

CBD was an active healing drug during ancient times. They were commonly used as a medicament for excruciating pain and various other physical and psychological ailments. And later a stigma grew in society regarding cannabis and its uses. But present technological advancements in the medical field have led researchers into discovering the incredible number of compounds and potential benefits of CBD.

These studies have brought an awareness among the public that has led to global acceptance like never before.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis herb which is known as Cannabis Sativa in the taxonomic name. One of the main reasons for its global acceptance is that they do not cause any unwanted psychological instability or other high states in the user. This is due to the elimination of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If at all they contain THC, their levels will be less than 0.3%.  There are strict laws regarding the THC levels in CBD oils and products in various countries and violation of this criteria can lead to a very severe penalty that includes jail time.

CBD can be extracted using several techniques such as steam distillation, CO2 extraction, and solvent extraction, etc. These extracts are then combined with a carrier oil to preserve the CBD for a long time. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and avocado oil are the most commonly used carrier oil.

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